Our actions

To achieve its objectives (see the “Who we are” section), AIFM conducts since its foundation several actions:

  • Networks creation and management:

– Website management: www.aifm.org;

– Sending Newsletters;

– Collaboration with other international institutions: Plan Bleu, FAO – Silva Mediterranea, IUCN, WWF, EFIMED;

– Set up and implementation of international cooperation projects;

– Awareness raising actions among European, regional and local governments;

– Participation in events concerning Mediterranean forests;

– Relational development (contacts, partners, funders and sponsors, members).

  • Set up and implementation of cooperation projects:

Eighteen projects have been and are being implemented by AIFM since it was established.


INTEGRADIV The INTEGRADIV project : “Efficient conservation of Mediterranean forests:...

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MEDFORVAL Presentation  The beginnings of this network started from a...

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MEDLENTISK project The project “MEDLENTISK: Partnership for an exchange of...

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PROFORBIOMED “Promotion of residual forestry biomass in the Mediterranean Basin”...

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QUALIGOUV “Improving the quality and governance of the forest management...

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RECOFORME « Structuring of networks and cooperation activities of the Mediterranean...

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StrategyMedFor Strategy for Sustainable Management of Mediterranean Forests The StrategyMedFor...

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