AIFM’s organization

AIFM is a French association (Law 1901), whose members are persons or entities interested in its scope. 

It is organized around its General meeting, which brings together all its members, its Board of Directors and its Office, which oversees the functioning of the association and its Secretariat, which carries out its activities.

Participants in the General meeting 2016 in Antalya (Turkey) – Photo Igor Kolar

General meeting

AIFM’s General meeting comprise all its members. It hears the reports on the management of the Board and on the financial and moral situation of the Association. The voting members approve the accounts of the financial year, vote the budget of the following year, deliberate on items placed on the agenda and see, if needed, to the renewal of the Board of Directors members. It meets at least once a year and whenever it is convened by the Board or on the request of at least a quarter of its members. 

The Annual General Meeting can’t be held two consecutive years in the same country. The last General meetings were held in Lisbon (Portugal, 2007), Marseille (France, 2008), Murcia (Spain, 2009), Bari (Italy, 2010), Marseille (France, 2011), Menzel Jemil (Tunisia, 2012), Marseille (France, 2013), Rome (Italy, 2014), Barcelona (Spain, 2015), Antalya (Turkey, 2016), Agadir (Morocco, 2017), Marseille (France, 2018), Broummana (Lebanon, 2019), by mail (2020), on-line (2021), hybrid (2022) and hybrid again in Hammamet (Tunisia, 2023).

For the minutes of a General meeting, feel free to contact us.

Board of Directors

AIFM’s Board of Directors is composed of 11 volunteer members elected by the General meeting. They decide the working program and they contribute to AIFM vitality, creativity and innovation in the Mediterranean.

As an international and mediteranean association, AIFM has a Board of Directors as representative as possible. Its members come from eight mediterranean countries.

Geographical distribution of directors

Each member of the Board is elected for 6 years, with elections every two years. The Board of directors meet at least once in the year.


The secretariat is composed of all AIFM employees.