14th World Forestry Congress

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At the Congress, and for the first time, the message of Mediterranean foresters was presented to the world, with the organisation of a stand dedicated to the Mediterranean forests.

AIFM was responsible for preparing and holding the stand, with the help of the French association Mediterranean Forest, and the technical and financial support of GIZ, FAO-Silva Mediterranea and the Regional council Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Before the Congress, the role of AIFM mainly consisted, in addition to the rental of the 27m2 stand in front of the FAO pavilion and its equipement, in the gathering of documentation, particularly from CPMF partner and countries, and the creation of communication material: fact sheets per country or organisation, posters, press release.

In particular, 600 flash drive containing electronic versions of documents and 600 mousepads with the colors of South Africa and the Mediterranean, all made from cork. In total, over 300 kg were shipped to Durban via a carrier mid-August.

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On site, AIFM and FM assured presence, continuously, of at least two people on the stand to present the Mediterranean forests and organisations and answer questions from Congress participants.

The stand was installed on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th by the team on site.

Two video projection, each followed by a cocktail/apertif helped liven up the week, with the FAO-Silva Mediterranea video “Changing landscapes of the Mediterranean” on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 (see the event’s flyer) and the FFEM project one “Mediterrean forests, a pool for future generations” on Wednesday September 9th. 

The stand was a great success, attracting more than 400 people.

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Press review

The following articles were published after the World Forestry Congress:

Useful links

Dedicated FAO website (content): www.fao.org/about/meetings/world-forestry-congress/en/

Video “Changing landscapes of the Mediterranean”: www.fao.org/news/audio-video/detail-video/en/

Video “Mediterrean forests, a pool for future generations” www.nmcproduction.com/projets/article/ffem-forets-mediterraneennes (not accessible online anymore)