Support to decision making in the field of management and protection of natural and mediterranean forest areas

The objective of this project funded by MAVA Foundation for Nature fitted exactly AIFM one’s: “promote knowledge exchange among all those concerned by the Mediterranean forest and natural areas” to promote their sustainable management and the protection of biodiversity.

AIFM’s overall project can be summarized in two points:

  • A better inclusion, by stakeholders and policy makers in charge of the planning and management of areas subjected to the Mediterranean climate, of the presence, role, dynamics and specificity of forest and other Mediterranean woodlands, because these areas require radically different approaches from those used in other eco-climatic environments (tropical, boreal, continental…).
  • The pursuit of the needed conciliation between the different approaches of the various actors of Mediterranean natural and forest environments: naturalists, planners, managers, users, socioeconomic and policy makers.

AIFM pursued four objectives under the MAVA project:

  1. Provide scientific, technical and societal monitoring and allow cooperation initiative
  2. Facilitate and strengthen networks of partners and associated pilot sites, particularly between the North and South of the Mediterranean
  3. Capitalise and disseminate the knowledge and best practices from many cooperation actions especially on forest governance in the context of climate change
  4. Improve the inclusion of management of Mediterranean rural areas realities by the authorities at all level.

Among the results obtained in this project, besides strengthening AIFM’s own network, we can note the launch of the MEDFORVAL project and then network. can be highlighted.